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How Can You Add More Value To Your Home?

Post Office Money recently conducted research and found that only 5% of people made home improvements because they planned to move. 28% carried out improvements because they thought it would be a good investment and add value to their property. The growth in house prices in Newport is above 10%, but in other areas where […]

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Little Known Facts About St David’s Day

This Friday the whole of Wales will be celebrating St David’s Day. But who was St David? What was he famous for? And why a leek? Here are a few facts you (probably) didn’t know about this national day: David Was Born In The 6th Century Even though the exact date of his birth is […]

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What Questions Do Buyers Ask?

If you’re eager to sell your property, you want to make sure you’re in the best position to do so. This includes being ready for the questions your potential buyer could ask. We’ve compiled a list to help you navigate the tricky waters of selling your property: Why are you selling? How long did you […]

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Why You Should Sell In Winter

It’s mid winter, so the last thing you’re probably thinking about is selling your house. I speak to A LOT of people who are considering selling this year, and most say the same thing: “I’d rather wait for spring.” Don’t get me wrong, selling in spring has a lot of perks: There are many buyers […]

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How To Sell Your Home In The Brexit Era

Are you holding your breath in anticipation over the property market in the pre-Brexit timezone? Some predictions are better than others, but no one is sure what will happen next. Finding the right agent to sell your property quickly is now more crucial than ever. Local or Online? If you want to sell your property […]

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