7 Crucial Things That Help You Sell Your House Faster

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7 Crucial Things That Help You Sell Your House Faster

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You have an agent, now you’re anxious to sell. But have you done everything to make your house look as appealing as possible?

We’ve compiled a list of small things you can do to make your house not only more appealing but even more valuable:

1. Declutter

Potential buyers want visualise themselves living there. If every nook and cranny is filled with clutter, this will be difficult.

Put your clutter in storage or clean it out and give some to charity.

Don’t declutter too much though, you want to see some personality. A cold, sterile environment isn’t going to help your case.

You can also move around furniture to make rooms more attractive. Take out that bulky couch and replace it with a smaller piece.

2. A Lick of Paint

This the most simple and effective way to give your home a new look. Painting walls in lighter, neutral colours will make it feel lighter and bigger.

You can also be quirky and give the front door a brand new coat of a bright colour.

3. Fix and Clean

There might be small repairs that you’ve been meaning to get around to. Well, now is the time. Holes in walls, cracked tiles, torn carpets, these are all things you need to fix. Keep in mind that many buyers want to move in without making any changes, make this easy for them.

Clean, clean and clean. A dirty home will take longer to sell, get into those nooks and crannies. Clean the tile grout, wax your wooden floors, get rid of limescale and get rid of all odours.

Don’t forget the outside, tidy your garden. Trim bushes, clean your patio of lichen and dirt, mow the lawn. This doesn’t add value to your house, but it certainly helps potential buyers to envision themselves living there and using the garden.

4. The Heart of the Home – The Kitchen

The kitchen is the most important room in a house and can make all the difference if buyers are unsure.

If your kitchen cabinetry is a bit outdated, you might consider refacing it. It’s not as expensive as installing new cabinetry and can be just as effective.

If you want, you can upgrade your countertops, this will add significant value.

Remember to declutter the kitchen as well, just leave a bowl of fruit out for example. Also pack away big appliances.

5. Make it Light

The simplest way to make a room look bigger and lighter is to install mirrors, so think about putting some up. Remember to replace all light bulbs and make sure your windows are clean on the inside and the outside.

Place lamps in dark corners to light up a room and even consider placing a soft lamp in a bathroom.

6. Make it Beautiful

Do you have curtains or blinds on all windows? If necessary, buy cheap ones as a room without these can look impersonal and run down.

Something simple like potted plants and flowers can make the world of difference to a room.

7. Smelly Smelly

Did you know that the single biggest turn off for prospective buyers are bad smells? So covering it up won’t work, you have to fix the problem. Clean drains, open windows to let some air in, air the kitchen as well to get rid of those old cooking smells.

Smokers can get rid of that old mouldy smell by putting out bowls of vinegar around the house for a few days. The vinegar smell will evaporate with the smoke smell once you air the rooms.

The opposite is also true, appealing smells can make a house feel more charming. You can’t bake cookies for every viewing, but you can do something simple like brewing some coffee right before the viewing.

If you have any questions or need advice on putting your best foot forward when selling your home, phone Lloyd Reynolds on 01633 265222

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