How To Sell Your Home In The Brexit Era

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How To Sell Your Home In The Brexit Era

Are you holding your breath in anticipation over the property market in the pre-Brexit timezone?

Some predictions are better than others, but no one is sure what will happen next. Finding the right agent to sell your property quickly is now more crucial than ever.

Local or Online?

If you want to sell your property as fast as possible, you need someone that has a history of doing fast transactions. An agent with a big database of prospective buyers in the local area is your best call. If you’re not sure, ask as many questions as possible. HAve they sold properties similar to yours before?

Don’t Be Stingy

You shouldn’t automatically go for the cheapest agent, there are many factors that determine the agent fees. Online agents often offer a fixed rate where your local agent would rather take a percentage of the final sale price. List the pros and cons of both and make your decision based on that.


How much time and effort are you willing to make in the sale of your property? Do you have time to show buyers around your house? Getting a local agent to handle the stream of strangers viewing your property will probably make you happier as potential buyers will often point out faults and have a dozen questions.

Trust is Key

Selling your property is one of the biggest transactions in your life, so you’ll need an agent you can trust 100%. Find out everything you can about the agent, look at online reviews and speak to other people who’ve used them before.

Remember, this is a relationship you’re entering where both parties need to understand the objectives and communicate effectively.

Worried about your property in Newport with the current Brexit situation? Call us to discuss your options! 01633 265222

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