If You Won £1,000,000 What Would You Do?

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If You Won £1,000,000 What Would You Do?

This is a common question asked between friends, the usual answer is: “Buy a few houses in cash and rent them out.” But is this the best way?

Tom came to see us in March. He had just received some inheritance (it wasn’t £1,000,000 but it was enough to buy a house in cash). His plan was to buy a house, rent it out then pass it onto his children in a few years.

We spent time with Tom and showed him different options. With our help Tom decided to buy 3 properties which a small buy-to-let mortgage rather than just the one! This allowed Tom to achieve a higher return on his inheritance, leave more for his family and minimize the risks of having void periods!

As the saying goes: there is more than one way to skin a cat and there is definitely more than one way to get started in property. With the right help Tom more than doubled his return which will allow him to retire early! He also has more to leave behind for his family.

If you are thinking of starting a portfolio but don’t know where to start, or if you are thinking of increasing your existing portfolio and think Newport is the place, then get in touch with us 01633265222 or [email protected]

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