Newport’s Record-Breaking House Price Growth in 2018

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Newport’s Record-Breaking House Price Growth in 2018

Ever wondered if you should sell your property here in Newport?

Newport saw the biggest jump in house prices of any town or city across the UK in 2018 according to Land Registry.

Average property prices in Newport increased by 10.6% to £182,505 in 2018.

But why Newport? Lloyd Reynolds from Luscombe and Co gave us his insights into why Newport has seen this tremendous growth in the past year:

Severn Bridge Toll Scrapped

The toll on the two bridges connecting UK and Wales was scrapped in December 2018 making Newport much more accessible and a great alternative for commuters to live in.

The New International Convention Centre Wales

With conventions already booked for its opening in July 2019, the ICC will provide a lot of jobs in the local area. It will also provide for a huge economic boost due to delegates seeking accommodation in and around the area as well as food, entertainment, transport, venues, and attractions.

New-builds On The Rise In And Around Newport

The number of new-builds in and around the area is providing potential buyers with lots of options.


Along with the Severn Bridge Tolls being scrapped, people are also realising how commutable Newport is to cities like Cardiff, Bristol, and Bath.

Improved Train Services

The improvement of the train services from Newport the past few years have seen a lot of people finding it easier to commute, even to cities like London.

Will all of the above taken into consideration, it’s never been a better time to put your property on the market!

If you’re just curious to find out what your property is worth, give us a call to give you an accurate, free valuation on your property. Who knows? Maybe you’re sitting on a goldmine!

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