What Questions Do Buyers Ask?

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What Questions Do Buyers Ask?

If you’re eager to sell your property, you want to make sure you’re in the best position to do so. This includes being ready for the questions your potential buyer could ask. We’ve compiled a list to help you navigate the tricky waters of selling your property:

Why are you selling?

How long did you live here?

Have you already found somewhere else to live?

Who are the neighbours?

What is the area like to live in?

What offers have you had so far?

What is the lowest amount you’d sell for?

How much are the service charges?

What is the council tax band?

How old are the drains and guttering?

Have you had any problems with damp?


They’ll also ask questions around the workings of the home, for example:

How is the pressure in the shower?

Do the windows lock?

Are all of the sockets and taps working?

Is there a TV aerial and phone socket?

When was the electric last rewired?

What kind of boiler it is – a combi-boiler? How old is it? Does it have a guarantee?

Have you got an outdoor space?

Do you have electricity in the garage?

Do you legally own the driveway?

What is the property’s EPC?

If you’re using a reputable estate agent here in Newport, they would have briefed you on the possible questions that might be asked.


If you’re unsure about any of the questions above or don’t feel your agent is delivering their best, feel free to call us for some advice: 01633 265222

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