Why You Should Sell In Winter

Why You Should Sell In Winter

It’s mid winter, so the last thing you’re probably thinking about is selling your house. I speak to A LOT of people who are considering selling this year, and most say the same thing: “I’d rather wait for spring.”

Don’t get me wrong, selling in spring has a lot of perks:

  • There are many buyers

  • Most people look to get settled before the schools start in autumn

  • Vendors often feel their properties look more appealing in spring and summer

But is it really the best, or only, time to sell? There are huge advantages of selling in winter that are often overlooked:

  • Less Competition

  • Because most other people are waiting until spring to sell their homes, there are less properties available on the market meaning you’ll have less competition from other sellers. An added bonus is that the small amount of properties on the market can increase competition between buyers, resulting in you getting a higher sales price.

  • Mostly Serious Buyers

  • Just as there is less competition in winter, the buyers that want to buy are serious. They can’t wait until spring like everyone else and they’re probably not window shoppers. They’re usually very motivated and can’t wait to get their hands on their dream home.

  • You Can Highlight the Cosy Side

  • It’s now the chance to show off how warm and welcoming your home is. You can light the fire and show your prospective buyer why your property will make their life easier and comfy during the cold winter months. Show them how your house can handle the harsh elements.

If you are thinking of selling this year or you’re just curious to get a valuation of your property, give me a call on 01633 265222.

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