Will The M4 Relief Road Finally Be Approved?

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Will The M4 Relief Road Finally Be Approved?

Many of know the pain of going 20 mph on the M4. And the traffic on the M4 is likely to increase as tolls will be scrapped just before Christmas. This will mean even more traffic on an already congested situation.

The main problem is that many drivers use the motorway as a commuter belt around Newport. The alternative, driving through Newport, would add hundreds, even thousands of cars driving through the city centre twice a day.

The M4 Relief Road, already proposed in 1991 would bring much relief. But with a hefty price tag of £1.5 billion, it’s understandable that the process has dragged on for so long.

First Minister, Carwyn Jones, stated that he will make a decision regarding the approval of the budget to set the wheels in motion for this project. But with only 7 weeks left in office, not many are optimistic that here will be a final decision.

On the other side of the coin, Sophie Howe, Future Generations Commissioner said that the proposed project will not cut congestion. She means the money will be better spent on rail and bus links, cycle routes and the South Wales final phases. This will reduce the amount of cars on the road and provide relief.

If the M4 Relief Road is approved, it could result in excellent economic results for Newport and surrounds. Either way, a decision need to be made fast to accommodate commuters currently wasting precious time daily on their commute.

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